Is there a Doctor in the T.A.R.D.I.S.?

I was sitting on the edge of my seat yesterday. I, like many Whovians, was waiting to find out who would be the 12th Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who. Unfortunately, I missed the big announcement. I read the time wrong & thought it would air at 8pm HST, not 8am HST.  I was able to go to online sources to see the new Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi.

The 12th Doctor in Pompeii

The 12th Doctor in Pompeii

Should we have guessed it? Maybe. He did play the doctor the was the head of the World Health Organization. His credits on IMDB list him as W.H.O. Doctor on World War Z. What do I expect out of Capaldi as the 12th Doctor? Nothing. I can’t compare him to any of the other Doctors. In that sense it’s not so much about the actor playing the Doctor as much as it is about the way the new Doctor is written. It did take me time to get used to the new Doctor after each regeneration. I think that’s how it is for most people in any situation. There is an adjustment period. Anyways, Capaldi’s not the first Scot to don the title as Doctor, I mean really, how hard can it be? He’s had a relationship with the program & its spin-off Torchwood. I’m sure he’ll do fine. Matt Smith had some pretty big shoes to fill when he became the 11th Doctor. After all, he did follow David Tennant. Tennant is not  just my favorite Doctor, he’s a fan favorite too.

The 10th Doctoer vs. The 11th Doctor

The 10th Doctoer vs. The 11th Doctor

While I do have my reasons for loving David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, I did grow to like Matt Smith’s charm & energy. He’s like a really cool bow tie & fez combo. Both of which light up when you put them on to eat fish fingers & custard. He rides trans-gendered horses (and ask you to respect his life choices). He makes the silliest comments & observations. The character around him even have some fun catchphrases.

What I really like about Doctor Who is that with each new actor, the adventure changes. I think this is why I will always contend that David Tennant is my favorite Doctor, but Christopher Eccleston was the best Doctor. Tentant’s Doctor was charming & lovable. Ecclestion’s Doctor had just come out of a war. The great war between the Time lords & the Daleks. His doctor had to make the difficult choice of who gets to live & who gets to die.

The 9th Doctor vs. The 10th Doctor

The 9th Doctor vs. The 10th Doctor

The 9th Doctor had much more of a hard-boiled cop attitude about him. He used guns. He didn’t serve mercy as much as he served justice.  Even after the 9th Doctor regenerates, we see that this is a decision that he struggles to live with. It’s also a good thing that the hardened & cunning 9th Doctor didn’t get into a show down with the Master. Good for the Master that is. I think the 9th Doctor would have just killed the Master out right.

Cool almost to a point of being cold, it really did surprise me when the 9th Doctor regenerated as the 10th Doctor. David Tenntant‘s doctor is so charming and dreamy, that you almost forget that he’s the reason there are no Time Lords left. Almost. He’s not the first person from the Harry Potter film series to appear on the program, but he is the one that encourages blatant Harry Potter references. That’s a major plus for me.

It’s not just because of his role as the 10th Doctor. I think Tennant is a great actor. He’s a great crazy guy. He’s that unexpected lover. He’s a vampire slayer. He’s Hamlet. Need I say more? I even told the husband that if for some reason David Tennant’s face got too close to mine, I would risk both his marriage & mine, for a kiss on the lips. Beside, in real life, David Tennant is fun!


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