I’ve grown accustomed to the niece-face

These past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me. One thing that is drawing nearer is the move that sister-face #3 & her family will be doing. It’s not happening for another couple of weeks, but it’s hard to believe that it’s just around the corner. I’ve been doing my best to get used to not living on the same island or in the same state as one of my sister-faces. I will miss it. I will miss the whole family.

You see, I really enjoy being an auntie. I’m really good at it. I’m so good at it, that it doesn’t bother me when newborns vomit a little or when they have really poopy diapers. It doesn’t bother me when I have to leave early because a toddler needs a bathroom. My favorite is being called auntie. I really makes my heart smile. Sounds hokey? I don’t care. I was to be an auntie.

I even admit that the last few times I’ve watched my niece, it has been to get more time with her. Yes, I want to help her parents. I want them to be able to get things done that are hard to achieve when she’s around. But really, I just wanted more time with her.  Since I’m still not adjusted to not having them around, here’s some of the memories we’ve already made. Niece-face collage


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