You win again biology!

I’ve recently become aware that there a lot of women in my life who are having babies. I mean, I’ve always know people who have kids. All of my sisters have kids. Most of my first cousins have kids. It’s not any surprise to me that people are having babies left and right. What is a surprise to me is that out of the five pregnant women I know, four of them are due in October!

October born Mommy-to-Be (pre-October baby bump) & I

October born Mommy-to-Be (pre-October baby bump) & I

Basically it means that four out of five of the new moms I know got busy around New Years. Me, I was born in August. I’m a Christmas present… or mistake, depending on how you look at it. I was often told by the sister-faces I was a mistake. Sometimes they told me I was adopted, but most of the time, I was a mistake. Kids, right?!  Anyways, I think October is a great month to be born in. I’m not complaining about August, but if I wasn’t born in August, I would have chosen October. Some of the coolest people I know (and didn’t know for too long) were born in October.

October-born nephew & I

October-born nephew & I

Cool things happen in October. I get it. It’s a great time to celebrate. There’s October-fest, fall break,  and Halloween. It’s hands down one of the bests holidays that doesn’t require the post-office or bank s to close.

October even has cool astronomical bodies in the heavens. Pegasus, Andromeda, & Draco appeared last year. Pegasus & Draco are visible in August, but their more centralized in October.

August does have it perks, too. Based on my date of birth, I’m a Leo-Virgo cusp. If I had been born in October, I would be Libra. Not even a cusp. Just a Libra. I think saying I’m a Leo-Virgo cusp sounds fancy.

I’m also happy to be born at the tale end of summer. Being born in late August means you can choose from all the end of summer deals. Whether it’s the summer discount on annual passes to the water park or having a great evening at a sunset bar, August has it all. I have three birthday twins too! Bday twin #1 & I share the exact same birthday, right down to hour in which we were born. Bday twin #2 & I share the same birthday, we were born in different years. We have really similar hobbies, interests & personalities. Bday twin #3 & I share the same birthday, we were born in different years. We share a lot of friends. I also share a birthday with Perfect Percy Weasley. If I had a say, I would have told JK to have the twins be born on my birthday. Oh, well…

I suppose being born in other months is fine too. I know more than one person that was born in any of the other months in the year. I’ve noticed that famous people have birthdays that cluster together. Harry Potter & Neville Longbottom “were” both born in July. Several presidents were born in February. I even a ton of friends & family born in May and December.

Bottom, line: It doesn’t matter when you were born. just that you were born. And with each passing, I’m doing my best to make each year since my birth totally awesome!


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