The Lion, The Witch, & Tilda Swinton

I do my best to remain neutral when it comes to others. For example, if I see someone with a tattoo I wouldn’t get, I don’t think to myself, “that person should not have gotten such a sill tattoo.”

Justin Bieber's tattoos

Justin Bieber’s tattoos

Usually, I think to myself, “I would not have gotten those tattoos, but they must mean something to that person.” Seriously. I really do my best to keep myself as neutral in thought as I can. I might sound a little pretentious. I’m not. I think it’s perfectly fine for people to make choices or decisions for themselves that I would not make for myself.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m usually pretty good about having this attitude. Some people prefer to have a vegan lifestyle, I do not. I do appreciate their actions. And even more, I have found some really amazing & delicious vegan recipes through these people. Some people really like hip-hop, I do not. While you won’t catch me listening to the latest from LL Cool J, I totally understand the need for hip-hop as an American musical art form.

My real weakness is when it comes to appearance. It sounds so petty. I have my reasons. I’ve just decided that when it comes to being an artist & living the life of an artist, neither of which I am nor do I do, you might want to leave the weird to Tilda Swinton.

I think Tilda Swinton is the master of appearing. Not appearing weird or appearing different, just appearing. Her look is never the same. She’s always doing something cool, like sleeping in public places or looking bored on the cover of a magazine.

Tilda Swinton th ecover of Dazed magazine

Tilda Swinton th ecover of Dazed magazine

She helps to run a film festival in her home town (I’m not clear if it’s the town where she grew up or the town where she currently resides). Tilda Swinton even has some of the best film roles. I loved her in Constantine! And the warrior costume she wore in the first Narnia film was too awesome! She was probably one of the best witches I’ve ever seen on screen. So when I see artists doing their best to present themselves, appearance wise, I sometimes mess up and all I can think to myself is, “leave the [insert adjective here] to Tilda Swinton.”

I say this because Tilda Swinton has a look like no other. To me , Tilda Swinton is  better than a chameleon. She’s better than taking the polyjuice potion to change your appearance. To me Tilda Swinton is the human form of the essence of appearance. She can have any look, wear any designer & rock any hair style.tilda_swinton_07

It  doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen to me and I get all judgmental about appearance, I wish I could be in total control. Wish I didn’t have a judgmental inclination EVER. There are even times when I wish I could stop staring at the weird or the unusually or funny looking things that cross my path.

I think this is why I think to myself, “”leave the [insert adjective here] to Tilda Swinton.” Since I view her as the essence of appearance, I’m really telling myself, that people who make decisions about their appearance that I would never make, aren’t Tilda Swinton. But how much cooler would it be if they were?


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