The blog remains the same

I’ve been playing around with different themes & such on my blog. I made the mistake of trying to change the name of my blog. I’ve decided that after over a year, I can live with the fact that vici is misspelled as vicci on my blog. I get it, I can’t spell in English, what makes me think I can spell in Latin. I think it’s Latin. Anyways, I learned that I like the way it looks. misspelled and all. I’m keeping the name of my blog as is: vdvicci.

But then that got me thinking about names in general. Names are important. In some cases a name can determine the initial success of a company where as in other cases, a name can cripple you for life. I’m not sure an the logistics or the actual cultural practice, but Native Hawaiians put a  lot of stock in a name. We have an entire practice dedicated to the naming tradition. I don’t think that naming is something to be taken lightly, regardless “cool” or “symbolic” it sounds.Nibbler - front & Mudblood - behind

I’ve named my fair share of things: cats, guinea pigs computers, cars, dogs, mobile devices and so. It’d like to think that the names I’ve given are suiting to each. While I love my pets very much, they each did (in the case of the boys) and do (in the case of the girls)  embody some characteristic of their name. The most obvious being Nibbler. He ate anything. Mudblood was a guarded creature and very territorial. This is something you’d expect of someone or something named after a wizarding racial slur. Our girls also have equally nerd names: Pigwidgeon & Wicket. Pig, as we call her for short, is named after they hyper active owl Ron gets in the Harry Potter series. She is always moving & running around, hence the name. Wicket, is much more tame. She’s cool & calculating, just like her Ewok namesake.

Pigwidgeon (top) & Wicket (bottom)

Pigwidgeon (top) & Wicket (bottom)

 A name is really important. A friend of mine was asked to given Hawaiian names to two sisters. Each of those girls, in personality & character, live up to their names. I have three older sisters. The oldest of us, her name means pleasant & lively. She’s totally both of those. While she is beautiful, be careful her middle name, which is English, can be sharp. The second born in our family, her name means concentrated by God. Considering she’s the one I’ll talk to about spiritual guidance, I’ll buy into that. Her Hawaiian name comes from our grandmother, directly. Our gramma gave this second born a variation of her own Hawaiian name. This also caused a stir in my family since gramma wanted to name her exactly after my gramma. She couldn’t. Another cousin had been given my grandmother’s actual Hawaiian name. My gramma was not asked if she would given her name to the cousin. It was simply taken from her. It doesn’t matter though, my second sister is the closest connect I’ve had to my ancestors. She rocks her middle name like a boss. My third sister has always been labeled as “pretty”. In fact, she’s like a double-named person. Her English name literally means “pretty song” & her Hawaiian name translates to means “my precious (pretty) one.” Guess what she’s like? Then there’s me. My name means victorious, or to be the victor. Considering how awesome I am, I would say I win that naming round. On top of that, my Hawaiian name means to be at leisure, enjoy pleasant surroundings and associates, live in comfort and ease, enjoy oneself, relax, be content. That’s pretty much me in nutshell.

To end this blog, just remember, names are important. They will stay with you. You can change a name, but even if you try, it’s too late. You simply must respect the name, even if it’s misspelled. 


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