Summertime & the living is busy

I realize now that I haven’t posted a blog since 2013 has started. What have I been doing that I’ve neglected my online presence? In a word, living. I’ve read some books. Through reading, I decided I want to write. So I read a book about writing. It’s called Bird By Bird. Then I went back to reading books that I think I should read. At any rate reading is part of the living I have been doing. I’m quite happy with that.

I’ve also been immersing myself on a new path down my Nia practice. Since January I’ve had five or six Nia 5 Stages workshops & classes. I love all the new stuff I’m learning about the human body. Anatomy if pretty awesome. What’s even cooler that learning about anatomy is seeing it at work in my body & those who attend my lessons. Again, I’ve been living by finding new movements in my body & learning how to share these experiences too. Doing Na 5 Stages has also brought me back to dance in another way. I’ve been doing my best to regularly attend ecstatic dance class with Heera. That’s been really amazing. I even got a regular spot teaching Nia the Still & Moving Center in Kakaako. I teach on Tuesdays at 5:45pm.

Speaking of Kakaako, I’ve spent a lot of time there over the last few months. I’ve volunteered. I’ve attended several art openings & one gallery opening. I’ve even had the chance to finally try Hank’s Haute Dogs. I had a buffalo brat. It was delicious!

I’m exceptionally proud of my volunteer efforts thus far in 2013. The biggest one being  Give+Take: A Benefit Concert for Hands In Helping Out (HIHO).  Jake Shimabukuro & Paula Fuga played the Pineapple Room by Alan Wong. It was truly a gift to be involved. I had a ton of fun. Some friends & family were able to attend. We raised money for HIHO. I got to play with Jake’s son for while too. He’s too cute & is a pretty well tempered baby.

Give+Take Concert poster

Give+Take Concert poster

Finally, I’ve decided to become an officiant for hire. Thanks to the help of friends, my official officiant website is now taking shape. I also hope to start doing DRAG this summer. We’ll see where that road goes. I’m signing up to be an independent consultant for Norwex. Summertime is busy. I’ll even be returning to the airwaves of KTUH for the Alumni Show on July 13th. You know what that means? Over the Moon is back with three hours of musicals!!! Fun fact, Once can now be connected Doctor Who!


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