The Yoga of Dying

Here’s some insight on the human death experience. Take what you like, leave what you don’t like. Mahalo, Laura for posting this.

Laura Dunn

As I have gotten older the reality of death and dying has started to show itself more and more. Many of my elders have passed, many relationships have ended, and all of my relationships have in some way changed form. As we get older the reality of death becomes constant, both literally and figuratively. In my short time here, I’ve had to redefine myself again and again.

Humans collectively fear this level of cathartic transformation. We long for permanence. Our societies and governments are primarily concerned with the preservation of our current standards of living, even if that standard jeopardizes the world we live in. I see this reflected in my own life. I hold on to a known chaos out of fear of the unknown, even if the unknown holds the possibility of peace.

The desire for continuance and the preservation of the status quo

Coming to terms with…

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