Magic Dance

Last week I went to Portland, Oregon. It was partly to visit my sister, but it was also to get trained in the Nia Technique 5 Stages of Self Healing. Before I started training, I danced a brand new routine, called Touch. It was chroreographed by Vickie Saito & Allison Wright. This was on Tuesday. I loved the routine! It is a very refreshing routine, jammed packed with teasers for your body. When I do Nia & I a loose my place, I do two things. I smile my biggest smile & I close my eyes. It helps to get me back into my body. It really was a very magical day.

Once my class with Vickie was pau, I roamed around downtown PDX. After nearly walking onto the set of the news at noon, having a nice bowl of soup at Elephants in the Park. We ended the day at Red Robin. It was my forst time eating there. This was followed by a short time at Ikea. I got stuff for our bathroom.


Wednesday was another adventure day. I started by doing Nia with Rolf Erickson. It was a really treat because Rolf’s wife Renee & another Nia trainer, Bill Stewart. I’m not sure if it was the beautiful view, or just the company with whom I was dancing, but this was the best Nia class I’ve ever done away from home. I was dancing in a great, intimate setting with people who I instantly adored. Renee & Rolf are also meditation teachers. Upon leaving, Renee treated my with a wonderful gift to help my meditation practice. So much to learn! I’m so excited! Renee & Rolf focus on transcendetal meditation.

I took the afternoon off. That evening was perfect. I ended up at Darcelle XV. It was my Kate Monster’s first drag show. I’m so happy we went! Thanks to aorta, I had a fun dress to wear. The girls seemed to like it too. Darcelle’s really is the best Drag Show in Portland.

   Thursday & Friday I spent at Nia Headquarts getting certified in the Nia 5 Stages of Self Healing. While that is for another blog, I will say, I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned!!! This last trip to Portland was my favorite. I saw all of my favorite people, like Angel & Carrie. I got to go to a drag show. I made new friends, like Piper. I got to play & dance in my body. To sum  it all up, if there was a Cloud 9, I’m on Cloud 11 doing my magic dance. I think it’s safe to say it looks a little like this:


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