Mr. Nibbz

While our guinea pig is named for Nibbler from Futurama, I think it’s time to tell his story. Nibbler is the son of Mudblood & Phlegm. He has two sisters, Dobby & Winky. He is the only one of our guinea pigs to have a non-Harry Potter themed name. Our sweet boy was born on January 30th, 2006. It was just before Eric & I got married. We raised him with his family for about a month. His mother & sisters then went to some family friends. Then it was just us. Eric, Mudblood, Nibbler & I.

We went everywhere together. I took them to school. I took them to KTUH. We went on trips to the Big Island. What more could we ask for? Anyways, Nibbler, as I mentioned got his name from Futurama. It was due to his coloring and also because he really did eat everything! I’m sure if given the option he’d love to just live in food.

Look, Nibbler's in the food bag

He’s always been a bit on the chunky side, but we can’t help but love him so much. Nibbler was never one who really liked being held or cuddled. But he’s so talkative. After we lost Mudblood, we did try to see how socially accepting Nibbler would be to a new friend. This did not go over well with Nibbler. It’s been us & him for about two years now. The last time we traveled with him, he almost stayed on the Big Island. This did not  go over well with Eric & I.

Aside from the extra pounds, Nibbler has a few nicknames. We call him Nibbz or Mr. Nibbz , and, of course, our little boy.  He’s just a great little guinea pig.

Nibbler is old now. He has cataracts in both his eyes. They were pure black once. Now they’re foggy gray. He still has his hearing. His voice has gone from his usual squeak to a horse, forced sqeeee. We love our little boy. We couldn’t have asked for a better pet for these years. Now that he’s sick, I know no matter what, he’ll be fine.


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