Believe in the garden of my mind

I’ve had a lot happen to me really fast. I need to make some decisions very quickly. I’m very confused and I don’t feel very confident right now. Thanks to PBS Digital Studios for helping me to calm down.

 On a side note, my real garden, The Miracle of Life, is thriving. I have six tomatoes growing. My green peppers is coming up wonderfully. I’m going to plant some cucumber & more carrots too. If my garden can thrive, so can I. I know can and will. If there is one thing I’ve learned from The Miracle of Life, it’s that no matter how fast or slow things may seem, they all happen when they happen. It’s up to me to decide how to deal with them.

I haven’t devoted much time lately to my Nia practice or meditation. I think that’s why I’m full of doubt & I lack confidence. While not an expert at meditation, I have found it helpful. To be able to concentrate on my breathing for ten or fifteen minutes is quite a stress reliever.

As far as Nia is concerned, I know what my goals are. I want to take the Five Stages training in October. I also want to get another belt in 2013. I do feel confident in my joy because of Nia. Practicing Nia has me learning about what it means to me to “step into my greatness.” Because of that, I know whatever happens in the next few days, whatever I decide, I will  be making the right decision.


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