Dancing through Life with Megan & Holly

I have a lot for which to be thankful. I think that cliches are not the best way to get a point across, but they have a way of summing things up so neatly. Having said that, at least I have my health. I’m making small steps to reaching a healthier me. I have some guides along the way.

I am continuing to learn from Laura & Nadia about movement & meditation. Their continued support as friends and mentors has helped me move to a new level of me. Goldyn is also a wonderful supporter of all things Nia in my life. I’m very happy and thankful for her insights & support.

I’d like to add to this list of teachers/mentor/friend. Have you met my friend Megan? Megan is, in my opinion, a first class Nia instructor. You can read her bio or you can attend one of her classes or trainings. I attended two of Megan’s classes while on vacation. The first class was hosted by Megan and taught by a visiting instructor, Holly Nastasi.

7/4/12 at the Green Church in Waimea, Holly Nastasi (left) & Megan MacAthur (right).

While I don’t know Holly personally, I think it’s safe to say, her class changed my movement. The focus she set for class was to dance to that which limits me. What physical limitation does my head know I have? It then becomes my job to dance into my left knee, allow my thoughts to melt away, and allow my left knee to do the talking. It was a totally new kind of dance. I was off balance. I found my thighs wanting to take all the weight of me rather than allowing it to pass down through my knees to my shins and feet. By the end of class I was “pounding the pavement.” I had fully danced into my knees, not just the left one. I had regained some balance. Even more importantly, I found a new sensation in my knees. I found them loose, rather than tight. Thank you Holly.

To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure what the focus of Megan’s Friday class was. I know I was there. I know I danced. I know new sensations flooded through my body. The major breakthrough was the dancing of my ears. Yes, dancing ears! Sounds silly, feels great! The sensation I remember the most was up. Every part of  me wanted to be up. This is not a new sensation for me, however, when I do Nia at home (on the Big Island), I tend to want to become part of the ground. I feel like my skin and muscles are giving into gravity and becoming part of the Earth. The up sensation while dancing at home was new. It was like I was finally sprouting out of the ground. I love it! Thank you, Megan.

I did Nia by myself in the the park close to my work. It was lonely and fun. I was able to dance into & out of new sensations; I allowed the chatter to come & go; I really did dance through life today.


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