Um, om?

I’ve decided to become serious  meditation. For years I’ve felt a lot like Karl Pilkington when he visited the pyramids. Hopefully, I will learn to sit still like Karl when he went to Japan.

Laura posted this article about people who meditated for 30 days. While I’m fairly sure these people meditated for an extended period each day, the article piqued my curiosity in meditation. I’ve “tried” meditation several times in my life since I was about 13 or 14 years old. Nothing has stuck yet. What’s different this time around? I’m actually serious.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I spoke to Nadia about finding a still meditation practice. I love Nia. I love ecstatic dance. Both of which are wonderful ways to experience moving meditation. However, I haven’t found a way for me to find a still meditation practice. After one of the best Nia classes ever, Nadia said it helps to find a teacher. I’m currently taking suggestions for meditation teachers. The most valuable piece of information Nadia shared with me, is to focus on my breathing. I should be inhaling love & exhaling fear.

This bit really helped. I’ve meditated twice this week. I haven’t taken a before/after photo. I do feel good. I notice that it’s still really hard for me to turn off the chatter. This is something I learned in my Nia White Belt. The biggest difference is the in Nia, I can let the chatter slip away because my body is moving. In this practice of meditation, inhaling love & exhaling fear made it easier for me to refocus & let the chatter slip away.


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