All Summer in Halloween

It was reported that Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 & the Martian Chronicles died last night. I remember my first encounter with Mr. Bradbury, his writing at least, not the actual man. I was in my English class as a junior in high-school & we read All Summer in a Day. I had read for pleaseure before. This wasn’t the first time “required reading” had piqued my interest. It wasn’t the first time I wished that I could just jump into the pages of his story & set Margot free. No. It was the first time that I realized the artistry in the written form. It was because of Ray Bradbury I discovered true artistry with words.

I had not been & I still am not one for poetry. I thank you Mr. Bradbury. Your writings helped me enjoy the lolligagging & loveliness of which Lord Byron wrote; the calm and the end that can be found in the writings of WS Merwin. Without you, Mr. Bradbury, I would not have dared to look at such words.

I thank you again, Mr. Bradbury for encouraging to look again at old words from Mark Twain & Sir Arthur Connan Doyle; for helping me to cultivate my fascination with whimsical world of Doctor Seuss, JK Rowlng, and Nancy Farmer.

What I am really the most gracious for is your gift. Thank you for writing.

I haven’t read all of Ray Bradbury’s books & short stories, but from the ones I have read, the The Halloween Tree is my favorite.


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