Truly, truly outrageous

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been:

That’s right, Netflix decided it was time for me to relive my childhood. At least the bits of it that I missed due to restrictions from older sister-faces.

I also started a garden. I’m calling it The Miracle of Life. This is my first attempt at growing things, other than my waist line, hehe. The green beans & summer squash look great.  


Not so sure about the salad mix…


I have to say thanks to the Kokua Hawaii Foundation for the seeds. If you haven’t started to volunteer with them, here’s some incentive.


Finally, I will be taking a summer hideous from teaching Nia. I’ll be taking the time to learn new routines, sub other Nia classes, and have some vacation-overload time.  That being said, come to my Nia class this Saturday at noon. 🙂


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