Somebody’s gettin’ married!

President Obama announced he supports gay marriage.

President Obama’s opinion

I know there will be backlash to his statement. No matter what the backlash, I will continue to support gay rights.

I have always thought it is a great idea to allow same sex couples to marry. If same sex couples are allowed to marry, I will be preparing by “re-upping” my status as an officiate. I’ve done it once since getting my status in 2007. Earlier this year, I updated so I am able to perform civil unions in Hawaii. I’ve done two this year.

I will not be investing in a fall-out shelter. It is a common misconception that if homosexuals are allowed to marry, all hell will break loose. Kids will turn gay. The sky will fall. I think I even heard someone say once that HIV & AIDS would be as common as the cold or flu. Yeah. I don’t think any of that will happen. I have found that some of the christian people saying such dribble also believe that the world is coming to an end this year. Apparently, the word of God is along the same lines as the non-Christian Mayan calendar. Lame.

People also argue that the option of gay marriage is not a civil right. I’m mystified by this statement. To me it’s an incredible double standard.

Wayne Cordeiro – Senior Pastor, New Hope

As a someone who is married & has the power to marry others, I’ll be the first to tell you that marriage isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t matter how you are oriented sexually. I think that an individual should have the option regardless. Marriage is a very interesting deal. It mixes finance & business with love & compassion. It’s tricky & should not be done in order to salvage a failing relationship.

There are some shining examples, both gay & straight, of how marriage can work. However, since the vast majority of marriages in the US are opposite sex couples, there are even more examples of how bad straight people are at being married. Until it becomes federally recognized, I will continue to support the rights of the LGBTQ community in Hawaii, the United States, and aboard.


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