Have you met…

Have you met my Laura, Goldyn, & Nadia? I’m currently learning all sorts of stuff from them.

I met Laura about a year ago, only to find out we already have a history. She was very close friends with #3 sister-face in high school. Anywayz, I’m finally able to attend a workshop she is doing. It’s called The Art of Yoga. While yoga is not my favorite practice, I continue to practice with Laura for two simple reasons. The first being, that in my limited yoga experience, Laura is hands down the best instructor I’ve had. The second it that I actually learn stuff from my practice with Laura. Just yesterday, I learned how to breath. It was a very expansive sensation in my heart & chest. Thank you, Laura. Can’t wait until next week. Have a busy schedule? That’s okay, Laura has a ton of classes to offer.

Goldyn is someone I met through Nia. She’s also had a huge impact on my Nia practice. To me, at first, she was an Nia instructor. Then when I got my white belt, she became a Nia sister. Now that I’m teaching, she’s a Nia mentor. Some of the most valuable tips I’ve gotten about my teaching have come from Goldyn. She teaches me new things, like how to “own it” & reminds of old things, like to “teach what I sense.” I’ve grown to a new appreciation of my Nia practice through Goldyn. Thank you! Goldyn teaches at the Still & Moving Center in Kakaako.

Nadia, to me, is hands down one of the best Nia instructors/practitioners in all of Hawaii. Nadia & I are friends through Nia as well. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome her classes are. You may just have to check them out for yourself. What I appreciate the most from Nadia’s classes are her words. Sometimes when people describe things about the body, mind, & spirit it can come off as weird or contrived. Not in Nadia Nia classes. Her verbiage is excellent & fully descriptive for the body, mind & spirit. Nadia is based out of Kailua & I go to her Saturday classes as much as possible. The biggest lesson I’m learning in my body & mind right now is “it’s okay” & “it’s okay to let go.” I’m learning it because of my classes with Nadia.

Finally, have you met Benedict Cumberbatch? He’s Steven Moffat’s version of Sherlock Holmes. Series 2 premiered last night on PBS Hawaii. If you haven’t seen it, check… NOW!


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