May the “No Pants” be with you

As most of us know, May the Fourth is Star Wars day. However, did you also know that the first Friday in May has been dubbed No Pants Day? Says who? Says the San Francisco Museum of Art, that’s who! I was so happy that fellow no-pants lover, Dave-O, shared this with me. It is a core part of my being to have a disdain for pants of most types. Since College, Dave-O have been aware of my need to take of my pants. I thank Dave-O, Tina-Girl, & Adrian for partaking & allowing me to live free with no pants. The husband-face is not so into a life without pants. He even chided the fact that I “brang” this up at lunch. Imagine a know-it-all guy standing in line with a pants-hating girl at Safeway. Now, imagine he makes her cry. Now you know what happened to me at lunch.

I learned of an odd tradition today. Leave it to the Japanese to think of ways to make babies dislike adults even more. They make babies in Hanamaki have a Sumo match. It’s really funny & it’s been going on for 300 years.

In case you’re wondering, I do like John Legend. I’ve liked his music for years. Then I got to know more about his endeavors to help change the world. Here’s the evidence.

Remember, tomorrow is Nia at noon. I’ll be teaching at the Still & Moving Center. Tomorrow is also free comic book day! I’m going to the Aina Haina Public Library for some fun.  My favorite comic is Hellboy. I contend that the first Hellboy film is one of the best comic book movies ever made. I’ve read a lot of Hellboy. Take it away, Mr. Cave…


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