The kindess of others starts with me.

@noISez & I were so excited to go to listen the HH the Dalai Lama yesterday. @reymahea & @maherey were there too,  not to mention hundreds of others. The place was packed! HHDL gave a talk to the public at the Stan Sheriff Center at UH.  He shared his thoughts on non-violence & living with compassion.  I know he’s been talking about this stuff for years, but it was the first time I had the chance to hear him talk about it live. It was really a wonderful event. I can’t find footage from his talk yesterday, but I did find Jake!

The message I took away from yesterday’s talk is simple. The kindness of others starts with me. Only I have the tools, in me, to find my inner peace. It doesn’t have to be a religious choice, it just has to be a universal one. A choice I make to find the goodness in all.

I’m very lucky & extremely thankful. I have been receiving this message for sometime now. People close to me have helped guide me. I found Nia & Hands in Helping Out along the way. I also have a really great support system of family & friends. Thank you!

What works for me are two simple ideas:

1. I trust that I (and everything else) are & will be okay.

2. Appreciate. Accept. Allow.



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