It goes up to 11

Because I can’t call latest entry “… up to 11” without posting this

The past few days really have gone up to 11 for me. I can’t wait to dish.

Last week two really great things happened. First my parents were here. It was great to see them. My mom was really sweet & paid for my renewal membership to the Honolulu Zoo. It was really fun too. For those of you who don’t know, my step-dad is the former director of the Honolulu Zoo. This means when I roll with him, I get to go behind the scenes. Ta-DAHHHHHH!

Mari the elephant inside the new elephant enclosure at the Honolulu Zoo.

Then, the next cool thing to happen is that Eric actually got dirty… Sorta. What he did do was help Nate (brother-in-law-face) build a small porch with stairs. It’s attached to the sliding doors to Lydia’s bedroom, so lock up you grampas, people, cuz gramma’s coming for them. I wasn’t there to offer them lemonade or anything, but the stairs look great. It was also pretty cool that Eric got to help with that.

On Sunday, Eric & I went to a KTUH infused memorial for Janet Kelsey. We met her family. Saw old friends & smiled a lot as we listened to old recordings of her shows. Her daughter paid me on of the best compliments of my life. She said, “Oh, Vicky! The girl with the licorice eyes.” At least that’s how Mrs. Kelsey described me. It was great to listen to former students of Mrs. Kelsey talk about her. It was even better to know that all of us there were connected by Mrs. Kelsey. She was called all kinds of things, like a great teacher, a kind person, and a phantom cookie baker. I’m just really thankful that for a small amount of time, I was able to be touched by her.

That brings me to yesterday, Monday. Have you been to the Still & Moving Center yet? Have you tried Nia yet? This week I’m very happy to report that Blue Belt is in Honolulu. While I’m not in the training, there are public Nia classes being taught by the trainers, Winalee Zeeb and co-creator of the Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas-Stewart. As a special bonus, Caroline Kohles is here too! If you’ve ever wanted to try, now is a great time.

I love Nia for a lot of reasons. In fact, whenever I think about how much I love Nia or why I love Nia, I can’t help it. I’m stuck with tears in my eyes & a dopey grin on my face. Last night after class, Winalee gave a my another one of the best compliments of my life. She basically said it was like we were dancing side-by-side. It was a very special to me. Uhhhh. I just love having Nia in my life. I’m so thankful for it.

So, all of those things combined have made me feel like I go up to 11 too.


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