Imagination makes it happen

I’m on a reading binge again. It started with The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delany. I’m not one who really enjoys the first person POV, but it works for me here. Compared to the cold Catniss or the know-it-all Bella, I find that Thomas Ward’s voice is reasonable. All characters are similar in age. All are living in totally different situations. But what really defines Thomas is that he gets that he’s still learning.Even though he’s scared, he knows the next time will be better because he’s learing something this time. I like that about Tom.

These books are all written for young readers. I know, it’s a weakness I have. But I think it’s actually hard to properly capture the voice of the young protagonist. I thank Samuel Langhorne Clemens for that. His ability to capture the voice of Huckleberry, and Tom, make him legendary. To me, he wrote not with the intention of writing a classic or best seller. He wrote to me directly. He did this so that 100 years later, when I started reading his books, I wouldn’t just want to know the story, I’d want to live like the character. (And I do. I make adventure time all the time.) He wrote his books with such care for the reader. Ultimately, I think that’s why I love reading books for kids & young adults.

Yes I could go on about the genius of Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, or eve Dr. Seuss. Alas, I digress. Reading is important to me. Yes It helps me mellow out from a long day. Yes it allows me to escape into the book & out of my world for a bit. Even more so, reading has taught me to never stop dreaming. I love reading because of all the imagination that I put into it.

I do read sensible books, like The Cow in the Parking Lot, and I do read adult fiction, I really love Neil Gaiman. I’ve even been known to read & use practical books, like Green Up Your Clean Up. All of these books have taught me something new. Which another good reason to read, I learn stuff. But I will always go back to reading the awesome young adult books  out there.

I’m currently reading Ranger’s Apprentice Book Two: The Burning BridgeA Study in Scarlet, and my giant book on human anatomy. I need to start reading Agatha Christie too.


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